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Canine Outdoor Adventure Class starts week of July 8. Wednesdays @ 5:30pm at varying locations in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties!

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You got a dog to explore the outdoors with you. In fact, you feel incomplete when you are on a hike without your dog. You did obedience class, but there’s still something missing. Handling the curve balls the outdoor world throws at you and your dog is challenging. Your concerns are probably similar to what mine were 10 years ago:  How do I know my dog will not run away from me?  How do I get my dog to come back to me when it is called?  What do I do when I encounter other critters, people, and/or dogs? I learned all of this stuff the hard way.  Make it simple for yourself and come learn some tricks of the trade that I have compiled over the years. You will learn:

~Best management practices and skills to implement at home, in your everyday life, and on the trails that will make a world of difference in yours and your dog’s experience in this wild world.

~Real life application of the skills you taught your dog in obedience class.

~How to teach your dog to listen to you regardless of the distractions this wild world throws at you.

~How to pack & what to pack and carry on your outdoor excursions so both you and your dog can be safe, and you can have peace of mind while you are out there.

~Basic Land navigation skills so you ALWAYS find your way out safely.

~Basic plant ID skills~ so you can identify the plants to watch out for and the plants that are your friend out there.

~Basic Dog Care before, during, and after your outdoor excursions.

AND most importantly you will have the opportunity to get out and have FUN with your dog and like minded people!
Contact me today for a free phone consult and an opportunity to register for the Canine Outdoor Adventure Class! Your dog must know basic obedience commands before registering for this class.

Dogs Out On The Town (Class). Start Dates TBA.

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Take the skills you and your dog already know to town. Learn to handle what city life throws at you with confidence, grace, and ease. Teach your dog to follow your direction in various scenarios. It’s not staged, its real world, real life experience, bound to be yours!

Your dog must know basic obedience commands before registering for this class.

Homeschool Opportunities

Healthy Dog Happy Owner (In-home Consult)

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Successful dog training starts with structure at home. Everything you do with and around your dog impacts your dog’s behavior. Small changes in what you do can make a huge difference in your dog’s behavior. Let me help you set you and your dog up for success by coming to your home and taking an in-depth look at your life style with your dog. Together we will create management strategies to clearly communicate rules and boundaries to your dog and eliminate unwanted behavior.

Canine Basics

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Learn canine learning theory and its application to dog training. Give your dog a clear understanding of all basic obedience commands. When your dog has a solid obedience foundation you can essentially do ANY ACTIVITY you want with her. Obedience builds trust and confidence in you and the dog, and allows you to confidently introduce your dog to new situations with grace and ease. This in-depth training gives you a structure to stay consistent and accountable for your dog’s training.

Hike and Train

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Whether you work long hours and want your dog to get some exercise and training while you are away or you just want that extra 1×1 time for you and your dog, this may be the right fit for you. Your dog gets some exercise and learns how to behave in various real world situations. If you choose to tag along, you will get hands-on experience in various situations with me by your side to guide you.



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This is NOT a board and train service. I board dogs in my home on a case by case basis. I generally only take dogs from one house hold at a time; sometimes exceptions are made. All dogs that board with me must be crate trained.

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